About Us
We started as a Martial Arts academy that served commercial
accounts. The company has diversified over the past 25 years and
taken on new business challenges.

The business began with the partnership of AJ and Father during
the 1980's as they opened several Martial Arts studios citywide.

The business took its first expansion during the early 90s when it
expanded its expertise into other sports (Chess, Golf and Tennis).
The company continued to use a therapeutic approach to training
which made it effective in the Martial Arts.

During the mid 90s Behavior Modification was adopted into the
criteria of the teaching agendas. As a result general recreation
became therapeutic by design, with specific focus on: lack of
patience, control and esteem.

2000 introduced DEESCALATION protocol into our training agenda.
Several types of programs are currently offered, but at the front is
North Carolina Interventions (NCI).

2010 will offer several new disciplines of training. Small Business
Analysis and Executive Coaching. These training agendas are
designed to assist organizations with their internal and external
growth (Agency and Individual).